How to Choose Your Phone Contract Deal

If you want to make the most of your contract phone plan, nailing your handset and bundle plan options is just one of the key things you need to do. There are other key factors to consider like carrier, coverage and hidden fees. To help you find the best deal to suit both your finances and needs, here’s a 5-step guide you can follow.

Start with your needs

If you want to get your contract plan option right from the get go, the first things you need to take care of is your needs. Make sure you have an accurate estimate of your call, text and data usage on a monthly basis. Do you really need the unlimited text or call allowance? How much data will you possibly use for per month? These are a couple of questions to ask yourselves when assessing your needs.

Set your budget

The next step is to set your budget. When shopping around for the perfect contract phone deal, the options are practically endless. Prices vary from deal to deal. It’s very possible to get tempted with deals offering the latest handsets. That’s why it’s imperative to set your budget prior to applying for a contract phone. You don’t want to get hooked to a monthly fee you cannot afford. Else, you’ll just end up with financial complications that can further hurt your already less than perfect credit score.

Choose your carrier or provider

Once you have your needs and budget assessed, the next step is to pick a carrier. When choosing your carrier, there are important factors to consider such as coverage, customer service and reliability. Remember that not all carriers offer excellent coverage throughout UK. If you want to enjoy you phone services smoothly and without hitch, look for the carrier that does not only offer the best rates but also the best coverage particularly in your area.

Choose your bundle plan and handset

Now that you’ve chosen your carrier, the next step is to choose a suitable bundle plan then your handset. Though the latest handsets may be tempting, it’s very important to keep your options within your budget. Considering that you have a poor credit score, you’d want to stick with cheaper handsets for now. For some tips on how to choose the perfect handset, click here.

As for your bundle plan, the trick is to find one that offers call, text and data allowances that will suit your needs perfectly. Don’t overdo it when it comes to your data usage because it can spike up your monthly bill significantly.

Inquire about hidden fees

Finally, call customer service and ask about hidden fees. Hidden fees are another way for carriers to spike your bill without you knowing it until it’s too late. It is also highly recommended to read the fine print for more details about hidden fees.