Quick Guide to Bad Credit Mobile Phones

Getting rejected for a mobile phone contract because of bad credit is pretty common in the UK. When you have a poor financial history, expect to have a hard time applying for a contract phone. Most carriers may immediately refuse your application because of the high risks you pose as subscriber. If your application has been rejected a number of times and you’re sure that a phone contract is what you need, this when considering a bad credit mobile phone deal makes sense. But before you sign any deal, below is a quick guide to help you make the right decision.

What are bad credit phone deals?

As a response to the growing number of people with bad credit problems, some providers are now offering bad credit phone deals. These deals are specific for people who can’t avail a contract elsewhere due to their poor credit scores. Like any typical phone contract, the deal offers customers an option to choose their handset as well as their bundle plan.

Who can apply for a bad credit phone deal?

So long as you’re of legal age and you reside in the UK, you are eligible to apply for a bad credit phone. Because providers don’t run credit checks anymore, you can expect to get approved fast, most of the time instantly if you meet all the requirements. You just need to make sure that you can provide proof of income to prove that you are financially able to handle the monthly fees.

How much is the fixed monthly fee?

The fixed monthly fee varies from one deal to another. In general, the rates fall between £8 and £25. Your monthly fee will depend on which handset and bundle plan you picked. It follows that if you picked an expensive handset then your fee will be higher too.

Where can you apply for a bad credit phone deal?

Bad credit phone deals are widely available online. As an effort to offer convenience for customers throughout UK, many providers now have online portals where you can complete an application form in a matter of seconds. You can also compare a wide selection of handsets as well as bundle plans you can tailor according to your monthly needs. With so many providers to choose from, it might help if you check out the different types of phone deals available in the market today. Head over to http://www.moneysupermarket.com/mobile-phones/for the best deals.

How does a bad credit phone deal work?

Bad credit phone deals work just like a typical contract phone deal. As the subscriber, you get to choose a handset then a bundle plan for your call, text and data needs. Once approved for a contract, you will pay a fixed monthly fee that essentially covers the cost of your mobile phone and monthly phone service usage. In general, you’ll be tied up to a 24-month contract. Or you can opt for a shorter contract usually at 12 months or 18 months.

How much does a bad credit phone deal cost?

Monthly fees for Bad credit phone deals vary from deal to deal. Depending on the type of handset you choose and your bundle plan, you may pay anywhere between £8 and £35 per month. While bad credit phone providers do not consider your credit score a consideration for your approval, it can still affect your options especially when it comes to handsets. Because of your poor credit history, handset choices may be limited to older and cheaper options. This is to ensure that your monthly fee won’t be too expensive for you to handle.

Should you apply for a bad credit phone deal?

Though easy to get approved for, bad credit phone deals are recommended only as a last resort. Only if you think that a contract deal will offer you advantages more than disadvantages should you go ahead and apply for one. Make sure that you can afford the monthly fee to avoid any future problems.